28/4 Radius in Motion

New Work from Europe Touch Base, 43 Middlesex st. Kinning Park G41 1EE

Vulnerable threads Argyle and Kelvinhaugh st

Vestiges Park Glasgow Sculpture Studios

Prologue Endless Renovation,


New Work from Europe A selection of work from the Outsider Art Biennale held at the Rackstad Museum in Arvika, Sweden. It’s a little out of the way, Touch Base, 43 Middlesex st. Kinning Park G41 1EE, but I find that most exhibitions produced by Project Ability are filled with stunners.  There are some incredibly honest and genuine paintings that are full of joy, after Christoph Büchel New Commission it reminds me that art has a vast spectrum of impact, and these works are worth going to see. The energy and sophistication these paintings have can only come from a lack of inhibitions on the

Natur and Drochensage

artist part and I would like to have lived with these paintings; they remind me of why I am interested in art, intimacy, expression, beauty, and imagination. I will be checking out the other half of this collection of paintings at Project Ability, Trongate 103.


Vulnerable Threads have splendour of a work on the corner of Argyle and

Vulnerable Threads

Kelvinhaugh st. It is something that your eye just goes to and is in an innocuous corner, it’s more of a habitat that surrounds this work; the idea of fly posting on top of remnants is so exciting and finding the work that has been secretly posted by Vulnerable Threads. I have really enjoyed hunting them down and seeing them in an environment that everyone can access.


Vestiges Park

Vestiges Park A lowsalt exhibition. So fun and wonderful. Mythical, a secret country brought to light by the OOlite Sisterhood. I spent an hour in the park exploring the work, it really wasn’t enough time, and I hope I can go back. There are 15 to 18 different works, it’s a little hard to tell as they are all part of the environment, there’s a beautiful map that helps you navigate through this small park that feels so much


bigger. I’m going to include images to wet your appetite, you do the rest!


Prolouge:An endlsess Renovation

Prologue: Endless Renovation, Corin Sworn, Washington Garcia

There is beautiful simplicity to this work in its conception and in it’s aesthetic. Discovering the identity of someone through slides that have been thrown away, the audio of this exhibition is slightly difficult to hear, but they have printed the transcript for you and you can read it later, the idea stays in my mind as I wander away from the exhibition. My curiosity is peaked. It is the opposite of indifferent but not quite love.

Events coming up

Tam DEan Burnl.jpg


A ramble through the radical history of the river with Tam Dean Burn and Linda Duru. Starts on the river walkway in front of the Central Mosque Going to La Passionara statue.

Meet 12:00 Central Mosque

Mosque Avenue


G5 9TA


Saturday May1 International Sunflower Guerilla Gardening Day

18:00- 21:00 meet Clyde walkway

Clyde St

A subversive act of reclaiming a small part of the city that needs attention with interaction and fun. Working with nature to beautify an abandoned urban area in a short term mission with a long term outlook

Get involved in some guerrilla gardening, seedbombing or both to make a positive impact in your urban environment!

What to bring (optional): a bedding plant / gloves / a trowel / sunflower seeds No experience nessesary, just drop by and join in the responsible rebellion! This is a Radius event in association with Kabloom and Glasgow Guerrilla Gardening

SUNDAY 2ND MAY 2010: 12-5: This is the final Atypical Root party, which hosts the Launch of the Govan Armada, Bike-So-Cool, and an exhibition at the Govanheim. Riverside Hall will be providing food, and Govan Fire Brigade will be present, showing off their fancy fire engine. This is your final chance to see the trail- you can join the Bike-So-Cool convoy, leaves at 12 noon from David Dale Gallery (Bridgeton) travelling through town via GI exhibitions to reach Clydebrae Street for the Launch of the Govan Armada at 2.30.

Atypical Root


12-1 Judging of boats

1-1.30 Welcome by local councellor

Blessing of the Armada

Announcement of prizes

2.30-3.30 Launch of the Govan Armada

3-5 Bike-So-Cool/ Govanheim

This is a chance to meet the Atypical Root artists, check out several Atypical artworks and Root projects, see the AMAZING Govan Graving/Dry Docks, and munch on the finest Riverside Hall burgers (free to the first 100 people)… and more.