The first part of the White Bikes has now drawn to a close. Its been a great work for NVA and has been picked up on, discussed and enjoyed by so many people. It is a small project by NVA’s standards, and perhaps all the better for that. While we follow the line of the original Provo action, that the idea is as important as the reality of whether the painted bikes survived or not, we are happy to say that we are moving towards getting at least half of our bikes back.

We have checked protocol with the police and if someone has nicked one we can put a lock on the bike thus asking the thief to remove their security (timescale unspecified) before cracking open their lock and liberating the bike. Otherwise we could get done for wanton damage of private property!


So keep letting us know if you spot any; apparently two have been seen in Germany and one in London already… oh the life of international crime….


After a gap we will rebrand the remaining bikes and donate them to suitable charities and local beneficiaries, so contact us if you think of a deserving organisation. We have already had some informal chats about doing it again in the future (perhaps we will help people make the bikes next time) and it is testament to the strength of the original idea that it has sparked such interest.