well, in actuality, it’s been an increasingly quiet week for the white bike volunteers at the hub, following the noisey buzz and activity of the ride out.  there have been few bikes returned to the hub of an evening, so the volunteers haven’t really been able to ask many users our exciting list of questions.  and this has meant that we can’t really update our questionnaires with new questions from users.  yet.

where are the bikes?  who is using them?  are they living overnight at gi festival venues?  there have been reports of people locking them up with their own padlocks, rendering them useless to a potential user, and therefore effectively stealing them out of circulation.  we are thrilled by the way the whitebike plan has fired the imagination of all festival goers, but we want them to remain in the use of the public and unleashed from personal padlocks.  a plea to all; return those bikes that have been pilfered and purloined so that we can all use, enjoy, benefit.

a few questions that have been suggested are:

would you consider painting your own bike white, and leave it around for public use?

would you sign up to a year-long scheme for bike sharing?

where are you going today on your bike (or where have you been)?

how can we make this (the white bike plan) happen?

any answers put them here.  or any new questions feel free to add them!

there are fabulous photos of the ride out and bikes in action cropping up on central station images, nva website, facebook, gifestival flickr site, twitter to name a few.  go search and find them and add yours too!