##KA##Witte FietsNVA whitebikes have had a cracking weekend, and our volunteers at the hub on miller street have been talking to white bike usere there and those out and about visiting venues and exhibitions. we started off friday at the hub with the full complement of 50 bikes lined up, and by the end of the weekend there were a paltry few left – we are delighted to imagine that they have all been out at other venues enjoying what’s on offer.  there have been quite a few sightings reported on twitter too – follow us with #whitebikes

we are asking questions of people on the street who are using white bikes, so here we’re posting some of the first responses.  if you’ve used a white bike too please give us your answers, what other questions you want us to ask, let us know where you are going, where you’ve spotted other bikes both being used and parked up, if you’ve made friends with other white bike riders etc

the first set of questions (and some responses) are listed below.  if there are answers, or questions, you’d like to add please do!

are the roads easy to use; did you have any problems with other vehicles?

‘one way system need to be figured out, but drivers were very courteous!’  ‘busy, but ok’

-  did the bikes get any comments through the day?  what?

‘yes!  and it was really amazing to be able to chat with other whitebike users’  ‘a few looks’

-  did you end the journey / your day on the same bike that you started on?

‘still on same one! am keeping it to do Atypical Root’

-  what had you heard of the Provo movement or the White Bike Plan before?

‘nothing but read about it in NVA booklet’.  ‘yes!  and read about it ahead of coming to GI’.

-  what future do you see for the White bikes in Glasgow?

‘would be amazing…’  ‘would be good for the city’

-  is this a good spend of public funding?

‘ yes’  ‘yes, yes, yes!’

-  do you normally ride a bike?

mixture of yes, no and occasionally – so we’re capturing you all!

-  did you jump any traffic lights?

a resounding NO on all the questionnaires, hurray!

-  what other questions do you think we should ask other people?

‘where are you going?’

‘how can we make this happen?’