We couldn’t help but notice some really quite quirky cards from artists and designers lately. No longer simply a piece of flimsy card & ink, the business card seems to have grown into an art form in its own right.

For those in creative industries, business cards are not only a way of making contact, they are a mini-masterpiece that gives potential customers and clients a memorable lasting impression your work.

Here’s some stuff you may not know about the origins of the business card: it developed from the use of the “visiting card” in 17th Century France; around the same time, London was coming up with “trading cards” for businesses to advertise with a map and directions because a formal street numbering system didn’t exist; still today there are rituals and formal processes on how to present and be presented with a business card in some Asian countries. If you now find yourself with a deep interest in the history of business cards, you can find out loads more here.

So to celebrate this humble, tactile piece of tradition, we want you to do a bit of show & tell of your own business card. How important do you think they are? How did you come up with the design? How much thought did you put into this showcase of your talent? How much pressure is there for a design company to come up with an amazing card?

Take a snapshot on your phone or camera and post it to our Facebook page. Eventually we’ll curate a Censta Business Card Top 5, but in the meantime we want to see your cards & hear your experiences and maybe give you a bit of inspiration for the next time you need to go to head the printers.