It’s time for Harvest Blog number 3. This time a short update from Angie Bual who’s just started as our Project Manager:

Allotment to Allotment.

Having produced Allotment, an underground shop come bar/ theatrical experiment with NTS for the past year, it is refreshing to be able to work on a real allotment with open blue skies and grass underfoot. I joined NVA last week for the challenge of creating a critical mass and participatory event using urban nooks and crannies to get down and dirty and… grow food!

Kai Fischer, who designed the former arts club has joined me to get green fingered in the Hidden Gardens this summer. Today we had a look around the gardens and were joined by Jack and Becky from 85A (or a bit of Lowsalt), who told us about a number of madcap ideas that we’ll be bringing to life for the project. Think Punk Rock Barbers of herbs, if you can. 2 months to go!


And in other news, we’re about to launch our Creative Containers challenge. We’ve got three cash prizes to give away on the 28th August at Harvest for the most inventive plant container.

Creative Containers


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