What is Central Station v2?

If you are familiar with the previous incarnation of Central Station, you will notice that our site is re-vamped and more streamlined. You will also notice that our Community pages have disappeared. As a member, you will no longer be required to upload your work onto Central Station. We link to your networks to us.

How does Central Station v2 work?

We have joined a selection of specialist networks online and will connect with you there. Instead of you joining us, we’re joining you. This automatically expands our network, and the scope for your work to be noticed.

Where should I put my work?

If you don’t have one already, create a profile on one of these sites:

Vimeo [for film and video, motion graphics & animation]
Flickr [for photography, graphic images & visual artwork]

SoundCloud [for audio & sound design]

Behance & Cargo [for portfolios, illustration, design & visual artwork].

How will you know when I have uploaded new work to my networks?

Once you have connected with Central Station on your network(s) of choice, we will receive notification that you have uploaded work in our feed. This is how we will select work and members to be featured.

Will I still get the benefits if I’m only on Facebook?

Central Station is the network of networks. We’re embracing technology so that you can enjoy a number of social networks without having to join them all. You can stay on Facebook and tune in to us to find out what else is going on everywhere else.

Does Central Station feature blogs?

Yes. If you have your own blog or website you can let us know over twitter by sending a link and mention us in your tweet, or by writing about it on our Facebook wall.

Is Central Station free?


Why are the other networks important?

Our community is anyone & everyone who is following, connecting, friending, liking, subscribing or just plan listening to us. By combining our individual networks, we are creating a community twice the size. This means that if you are featured or mentioned by us, more people will be likely to hear about it (and you).

Does Central Station features artists and work?

Yes. By connecting via these extended network we have  access to more creatives & more interesting work. It’s about being efficient and clever about how we use these connections.

Can I  find out about Opportunities on Central Station?

Yes. We have a notice board which links to the best jobs, calls for entries and competitions that are on the web. Instead of having to upload them to our site, we can link directly to any opportunities you want to get noticed. All you have to do is post a link to your opportunity on our facebook page or tweet us about it.

 Find out more about how to have your opportunity noticed here.

Can I find out about Events being held by members of the CenSta community?

Yes. We will continue showcasing member events in our Featured Event articles. We also now have a weekly Events Bulletin which is a weekly listing of events from our community. Read this blog to find out more about events on Central Station.

If you have any other questions just email us on hello@thisiscentralstation.com