Art/Roc/Doc is a fly on the wall documentary which followed Glasgow band, Isosceles on a road trip to uncover the London art scene during Frieze Art Fair 2009.

Along the way, Isosceles headlined PLUS, a large group exhibition and series of events produced by Kerry Ryan (Neon and Sign-makers), Declan McMullan (artist/independent producer) and Volume (London), with support from Central Station. PLUS was 72 hours of non-stop artists, exhibits and music, featuring Douglas Gordon, Matt Collishow, Sarah Lucas, Gavin Turk and Sam Hasler.

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Members Tom Duncan and Dasha jumped on board to film and photograph the event, designer Ruth Parker was set with the task of creating a cardboard caravan and together they created a short film which premiered at Glasgow Film Festival 2010.

To find out more about the project, read this.

See the full Art/Roc/Doc collection online here.


(originally published on Central Station V1)