Untitled by Doric Salcedo
Doris Salcedo, Untitled 1998
Photo: Casimiro Eilden. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Hidden Spaces is a collection of work which draws to the surface forms of art sited in hidden spaces.

Hidden Spaces are real, imagined, impermanent, unbuilt, cut-off from the public, demolished, spiritually significant, filmic, politically sublimated and fraught with tension.

Not only do personal interpretations of hidden spaces vary, but these variations are carried into the cultural and professional production of spaces, so an architect’s perception of Hidden Space might be very different from a public artist’s, an anarchist’s or a film location scout’s, and each of these professionals will in turn come to influence how we navigate the space around us.

From this broad and permeable conception of space, we’ve drawn a few more concrete examples of well-known artists working with hidden spaces, and the conceptual logic built up around them to form a collection of Hidden Spaces.

See the full collection online here.


(originally published on Central Station V1)