Social Landscape

In Rennes, artist David Zérah had a concept – to interview five contemporary artists in their cars, asking them questions from French art magazine, Galerie Magazine (1989/90).

David started working on his ‘Artists in their cars’ project as part of the Social Landscape programme for GI 2010. He produced a short film/series of stills within the arts community of Rennes. Then he decided to take the same format to Scotland’s art world and a call went out on Central Station where artist and filmmaker Holger Mohaupt was selected.

During GI 2010, David and Holger produced the work as an online residency on Central Station. This project contains the work produced from both artists during this residency.

For GI 2010, Social Landscape appeared as a one-off event, which included a performance by Muscles of Joy, new animation by Katy Dove created during her residency in Rennes, new work by Sophie Macpherson and performances by sonic artist Damien Marchal created during a three-month residency in Glasgow. Images from the event can be seen here.

See the full Collection here.


(originally published on Central Station V1)