This time next week the Dundee Masters Open Doors event will be starting as a special launch to the exhibition.

The students are putting the finishing touches to their exhibitions this weekend and planning for hosting the Open Doors day next Saturday. It’s a free event where visitors can get to know more about the students’ projects and the concepts dealt with within the five postgraduate courses (Master of Fine Art, MSc Media Art & Imaging, Master of Design, MSc Medical Art, MSc Forensic Art).

There is a huge diversity of work presented and this week I have had the pleasure of having previews of intriguing works such as a video of a girl coughing up crystals, Gray’s Anatomy inspired graphic paintings, research around cloud formations and their spiritual meanings, gargoyle-like 3D images pursuing the ‘uncanny’ in facial imaging and service design for charities who need social networking.

All of this work can be seen throughout the show run (28th Aug – 4th Sept) and on the Open Doors day in addition to exploring the exhibits you can attend and take part in tours, talks, screenings and workshops. These range from a screening and Q&A with artist Roddy Buchanan who has worked with MSc MAI student Andy Sim and his crew to produce his two recent films to a tour by Medical Art / Forensic Art tutor Caroline Needham and kimono printing workshops and a mid-event highlight of coffee and cakes with the MDes students within their exhibition space.

If you have any questions about the events or courses – please get in touch and you can follow our progress on Twitter @DJCAD and @ExhibitionDJCAD

We would love to know if you were coming – so please use Central Station’s ‘Are you going?’ option for that, otherwise the only events which you need to register for are the screenings of Roddy Buchanan’s films and student showreel which will take place at DCA Cinema (they are still free though!)

Looking forward to seeing you next week.