Last night was City Night at Glasgow School of Art. I went along, fully intending to whizz round everything. In fact, I managed to see just a very small percentage of what was on offer in the Mac Building. Surprise Surprise.

So I’ll be going back. But for now, these are the things that have so far grabbed my attention:

Alistair Gow makes very spatially aware etchings / aquatints. Hugely confident, bold statements.

Mary Wintour’s┬ápieces have something intriguing about them. She seems to be creating collages in just the one medium. They’re jumbled architectural landscapes with a sumptuous tonal palette.

I was taken by Mhairi Sharp’s work when she uploaded it to Central Station a while ago. Good to see it in the flesh so to speak. Resin / cast adidas trainers, unsettling and famiilar all at once.

Phoebe Harrison is showing an array of work that explores the idea of relic and archive (and other things, I’m sure.) The centre piece of her show is a glass house of maggots rescued from burnt-down-Glasgow-zoo and living flies.