Midnight Sun Drinking Buddy by Scott Rogers (whittled wooden objects, twine, antique beer bottles, beer labels, beer, various other objects)

The Glasgow School of Art’s MFA 2012 Degree Show at the Glue Factory is well worth a visit. Be sure not to miss Scott Rogers’s sculpture Midnight Sun Drinking Buddy (image above) – it’s located upstairs on the balcony. At first glance, this sculpture seems full of potential energy. Tentatively approached, awaiting to see it spur into life, it soon becomes apparent that it is not a replica Fischli & Weiss work, rather an homage or slight reference to The Way Things Go. Huge congratulations to Rogers who won this year’s Glasgow Sculpture Studios Award.

Alexi Romanov by Claire Moore (Oil and Wax on Board)

As one of the only painters in this year’s MFA show, Moore’s work certainly stood out. Her use of nostalgia and how the portrayal of the past can be altered are beautifully portrayed in pieces which demand your long attention. References to World War II, the Polish Cavalry Charge of 1939 and Eastern European nostalgia are all explored.

Venus Flytrap by Urara Tsuchiya (performance)

Urara Tsuchiya’s Venus Flytrap performance is (in her words) “an anti-climax, boring performance”. However, the phallic-like costumes are hardly boring. Tsuchiya works with and takes inspiration from the Turner Prize 2012 nominee Spartacus Chetwynd, assisting with costumes. Creator of the Adult Baby Beauty Pageant Toddler’s and Tiaras for Glasgow International 2012, Tsuchiya wants to do more of these pageants so look out and get involved.

Other notable works at this year’s show include:

Studio Works 2011-2012 by Josée Aubin Ouelllette (mixed media)

Chase by Erik Osberg (HD video)

Augmented Reality Experience by Minka Stoyanova
“Designed specifically for the Glasgow School of Art, MFA Degree Show Preview, And Another Thing adds a virtual, gamic layer to the site of the exhibition.”

The MFA Degree Show runs from the 7 – 16 June 2012 at The Glue Factory.
You can find out more about the GSA MFA Degree show here.