Here is more work which caught my eye at the DJCAD Degree Show 2010. Some of the same graduates are mentioned in this review of the show in the Scotsman which goes on to praise the quality of the work. Another review of the show in The Skinny has created a heated discussion between current/past students about the quality of the show and is well worth a read.

Anyway back to the work and graduates that grabbed my attention.

Colin Wilson

Colin Wilson

More of Colin’s work can be seen here at his website.

Lyndsey Redford

Unfortunately I couldn’t find links to more of her work which is a shame as this scanned image of her postcard does not do it justice. She is one of the artists mentioned in The Skinny review.

Naomi Archibald

Once again I can’t find links to Naomi’s work, but she is mentioned in the Scotsman review.

Sinéad Bracken

I particularly liked Sinéad’s animated artwork – which you can enjoy by visiting her website although you won’t get the same scale as you did at the exhibition.

By visiting the Dundee Degree Show 2010 website you can see the work of some students whose work is being showcased and who have also been reviewed in the two linked articles I have mentioned.

Please visit the links and post or blog your comments regards the student’s work on display.