Founded in 2004, Edinburgh Art Festival is Scotland’s largest annual celebration of visual art. Attracting over 250,000 visits each year, the Festival brings together galleries, museums and artist-run spaces, alongside public art commissions and an innovative programme of special events. During July and August, Central Station is going to publish a series of blogs taking a closer look at what’s happening this year.


After the success of the 2012 Film Club, the 2013 edition of Edinburgh Art Festival (EAF) will again run a project presenting emerging artists’ film, video and performance every Wednesday evening during the Festival. This year’s Film Club is aiming to step outside the city of Edinburgh and collaborate with emerging artists and spaces from the rest of Scotland and the UK. Each event will be curated by a different emerging artist/space who will share films, videos and performances with audiences from Edinburgh and beyond and will be shown at Edinburgh’s New Media Scotland.

Galleries that we have invited include The Royal Standard, Liverpool; Generator Projects, Dundee; The Telfer Gallery, Glasgow and CIRCA Projects, Newcastle.

This year’s Film Club with its theme – Interval As Integration – will focus on merging the boundaries and encouraging interaction between artist spaces, artists, curators and viewers, as well as between the screen – the artwork itself – and the audience.

Invited spaces have developed programmes of film, video and performances which will challenge the receding position of the viewer as a passive consumer of sensations and encourage their active participation. The interval will be treated just as in linguistics, as an element necessary for comprehending the meaning of the text. It will enable both the artists and the audiences to engage in a critical dialogue. The interval will not only expand the limits of the screen or the stage, but will also call for merging the boundaries between individuals. Having invited artists and spaces from outside Edinburgh and outside Scotland to take part in the project, this year’s Film Club will support and encourage the common, yet often dismissed within the art world, activity of networking and see it as an activity that is both extremely helpful and necessary, especially for emerging artists and spaces.

The Transmitters
The Transmitters by Serena Korda, HD video still, courtesy of the artist.

The first Film Club event, on 7 August, is curated by The Royal Standard, Liverpool. Their film night looks at notions of melodrama, dance, hysteria and glamour. Special entertainment and services will be available during intermissions.
Selected artists include Catherine Payton, Andrew Gannon, Serena Korda, Karin Kihlberg and Reuben Henry, Romany Dear, NOW NOW Collective and Ursula Mayer.

For the 14 August Dundee’s Generator Projects have prepared a selection of artists’ moving images from Reluca Iancu, Jack Paton and Dorian Braun, Angel Zorn, Jack and Dorian, Sarah Lundy, Pawel Grzyb, Sam Spreckley, Bryan M. Ferguson, Maeve Brennan, Christopher McGinnis, Ben Skea, Adam Knight and Aaron McCarthy.

SMT, Bruce Asbestos
SMT, Bruce Asbestos, video still, courtesy of the artist.

The Telfer Gallery from Glasgow is the third space invited to participate in this year’s Film Club and for the evening of the 21 August, they have invited a Nottingham based artist, Bruce Asbestos, to show another episode of his Social Media Takeaway, Special Episode: Networked. The Social Media Takeaway is Bruce Asbestos’ series of short, whirling and buoyant videos made for YouTube. It is reflective of his approach to art that is intrinsically multi-media and collaborative, positioning artwork firmly in the public domain. His YouTube Channel uses the quick fix, low-brow, throw-away nature of YouTube as site for narrative, pop, performative and discursive work.

Bruce will be producing a Special Episode for the film club on and for the 21 August.

Our last Film Club will take place on 28 August and it will present a programme of screenings selected by curators from CIRCA, Newcastle. Olivia Dunbar, Zoe Williams, Craig Mulholland, Adham Faramawy, Richard Whitby, Jon Rafman, Steina and Woody Vasulka are some of the artists whose work will be presented. This screening will then be shown at Filmwerkstatt, Düsseldorf.

EAF’s Film Club 2013 will be hosted in New Media Scotland between 7.30-9.30 on the following evenings: 7 August, 14 August, 21 August, 28 August. Tickets are available at

New Media Scotland
1 Crichton Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9AB

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