My life has been pretty much non stop for the past couple of months with jobs, events, projects and trying to squeeze in some downtime there too. I’m not complaining though as I’ve had a chance to take part in some pretty exciting things, including last Sunday in Edinburgh at Edinburgh International Film Festival.

The day started by heading to Queen Street Station for half 8. For someone who has just introduced the concept of weekends back into her life after year and a half getting up early on a Sunday is not that strange. When in Edinburgh, Kaye (who is also part of team) and I found our way to Novotel beside ECA for our shift at Censta hub as part of Edinburgh International Film Festival. After setting up and making the table all lovely with posters, flyers and badges (my goodness, those posters didn’t want to stay up), our job was to introduce the site to people taking part in Digicult’s Red or Dead talks, answer any questions and encourage people to blog about their EIFF experience. All went well. People seem to be enjoying the talks and chatting to each other between the talks.

My shift finished around 2pm and I decided to visit Edinburgh College of Art and their degree show as I had some time to kill before getting ready for Sound : Image : Art and the afterparty. The work I managed to see was all of high standards including some very interesting pieces such as 3D fabrics, educational software about ‘making sex’ and gorgeous performance costumes. Oh, and a moustache on a stick. I liked that.

When entering the main building I bumped into a friend of mine Luke and I never viewed everything on offer as we ended up talking about his time in ECA, graduating and putting his exhibition together, cameras and photography and we made tentative plans for a joint exhibition. I find talking to others who create things very inspiring as it pushes me to do more and you can never beat catching up with someone who you haven’t seen for months (and talking about cats, holidays and music).

It was all too soon time for me to head back to the hub and Luke to pack up his photos and leave the college for the last time. Next couple of hours were a whirl of putting up posters, setting things up, and getting something to eat just in time for people to arrive to Inspace for Sound : Image : Art.

It was great to see the final fruits of a project I had been involved from almost from the start. As an intern I had been there to contact people and push the project in social media. The event was a combination of networking, finding out more about Central Station and hearing views of everyone involved in the Soundtrack project in the beautiful white surroundings of Inspace. There were drinks, there were smiley faces, there were members’ work projected on the walls. But all too soon I had to run off again, this time to man the door of the afterparty which was buzzing. All that remains to be said is that you should have been there, the dance moves during Don’t Stop Believing by Journey were something else.

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