This evening is the night to get to know Central Station.

They are hosting their big event ‘Sound: Image: Art’, as art of the Edinburgh International Film Festival, as we speak, so Ben and I are live blogging the event. Everybody wave to Ben.

The event showcases the fruits of short film collaboration between visual artist  Roderick Buchanan, and one lucky composer, Fear Wasabi. Sourced entirely through Central Station, it is a celebration of what Central Station can achieve, enable and produce in the arts.

[21:26] Currently, Suzy Glass is telling the audience all about Central Station, how it works and what it can do.

[21:31] The venue, Inspace, is really gorgeous, with a performance space that spans several levels, several projection areas and some pretty epic surround sound. It also has a very cool red stagey bit (it’s hard to describe).

[21:35] A clip demonstrating how the composer, Buchanan and the animator have chosen to collaborate. Apparently, i terms of sound design each piece consists of ten layers and there is a visual element to complement each of these.

[21:39]  This project has been created in collaboration with sound design company, Savalas.

[21:40] Is anyone else really really warm? My decision to wear tights today was a poor one, even in this cool minimalist space.

[21:42] Everyone look at Ben!

Isn’t he industrious?

[21:47] Roderick Buchanan is talking about how visual art in video and film is now easier to make, due to the simplification of technology. He sounds a little wistful.

[21:56] The first post has fallen to the liveblogging gods. I just spent five minutes writing lovely words about how social media can be used to enable creative projects, and it got swallowed by the internet. Damn!

[21: 59] To make up for it, here’s Roderick Buchanan and Savalas Studio’s Giles Lam, sitting in fro of the odd red stage:


[22:01] RB feels ‘naked and expose’ by the streamed version of his film, ‘Traffic’ online.

[22:03] Has the gallery format fallen to the gods of social media; how useful is it to an artist today to exhibit their work in real time? Should they simply update their Flickr regularly instead? All questions popping into my head, thanks to RB and GL’s conversation. What do you think?

[22:05] We are now being showing ‘Out’, one of RB’s early works. Shh, while we watch!

[22:08] Ben has said my pictures of the event are ‘great’. I think he might be drunk blogging.

[22:12]Get some film action going on here; a short film comprised of shots of those awesome pens with floating stuff in. Apparently, this film was ‘mortifying’ for RB.

[22:15] Sadly, this is my time to go. Work in the morning and huge amounts of reviews to write call me homewards, as does the promise of loungewear. Some very interesting topics raised this evening and wish I could stay to hear rest of the discussion. Sasha out!