Scriptwriting and Development

Does each character provide the right function to the story/shot?

Is this character too cliche?

Casting can change and develop a character for better or worse… keep an eye out for this.

Is this really the lead character’s story? During development, you will/should always ask this.

The more personal you make your script, the more universal it will be.

What is the meaning behind the action? Listen to feedback and always be flexible to allow for emergency changes.



Director – Am I being over defensive about the work? Always be as open to suggestions as possible – they may save the film!

Editing is almost like writing a story all over again.

Editors need to be involved from the start in discussions because it can give them an inside view about the reasons behind a shot or part of the story. Treat a short film like a feature film and bother to have planning sessions and discussions!



A cinematographer must know the director’s vision and must have open line of communications with all involved. Without that relationship, their perception and visual interpretation of the story will not work in the direction that the script and director is wanting to go.

Does this movie have a colour theme to match the moods of each scene or the story?

As a director, can I provide more direction and visual focus to my cinematographers? But am I also allowing them to make suggestions and allow my shoot to adapt to those impromptu ideas?