Just at Red or Dead, so far so good. Lots of useful information on offer. Haven’t seen any of the presentations yet but looking forward to the animation talk at 2:00 pm.


DigiCult’s hypothesis was simple: People make better films when they ask better questions. After attending today’s events I would say this has been proven 100% true. From the discussions, questions and answers I have learned a lot, not just on a technical level but on a creative one as well. Highlights for me include exploring the story from the point of view of different characters rather than just from the main character. Also the idea of the 3 pillars of the story, your own work, the characters and the audience together create the story. The message you are trying to get across might be different from the one the audience picks up on.

Sound designers and composers are just as an important part of creating a visual story as the artists and animators, they deserve to be included in the creative process as soon as possible. The soundscape can and should be used to tell the parts of the narrative that can’t easily be shown on screen.

I am truly glad that I was able to attend today’s event and hope that the lessons I have learned will show through in my future works.