100 Days
The Road Ahead

Paul Harkin is a Glasgow-based portrait and landscape photographer. Here, he details his Independence Referendum themed project, 100 Days

100 Days - Kenny
100 Days: Kenny

In the months leading up to the Referendum, I became interested in hearing different perspectives on the choice facing the nation. One group that seemed to be absent from the range of voices routinely featured was those born outside Scotland who had decided to make the country their home. What was their experience of living in Scotland, I wondered, and what did they make of its possible future? Did their own experience, having roots elsewhere, afford them a different perspective, perhaps allow them to see the nation’s trajectory differently?

100 Days - Mari
100 Days: Mari

100 Days - Doris
100 Days: Doris

With this in mind, I began taking portraits and asking the sitters to write a little about themselves and to explain what the Referendum would mean for them. As a potentially exposed group and occasionally – even after many years – anxious that they would be perceived as foreigners who should keep their opinions to themselves, it was often a challenge to find people prepared to come out into the open and express their views. This took me a little by surprise and was a salutary lesson about the experience of many who call this home. My thanks are due to those generous enough to share their outlook.

100 Days - Costas
100 Days: Costas

I began to publish the resulting images 100 days before the referendum, and also decided to include a few other voices – primarily those working in the arts. My aim was to be non-partisan and I did not seek out those with particular opinions. In practice I found it hard to find voices opposed to independence. Writing this before Thursday’s vote, I’m interested to see whether this will be reflected across the country.

100 Days - Scott
100 Days: Scott

100 Days - Roanne
100 Days: Roanne

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