White Bike ride out

Today was the start of the festival for me, what a better way to launch into the city with an anarchist manifesto that supports bikes for all.

It was a great gathering! White bike project

Right before the NVA event I had the privilege

White bike project

of installing Roundabout. A temporary

Sculpture sent from Indiana, by artist Brian McCutcheon, long time friend and mentor. Don’t miss it if you are cutting across the park! number 14 n the mini skinny listing! Roundabout in Kelvingrove park

16/4 is all planned out, I have the morning to catch up with Graham Lister who is also installing an intervention sculpture in North Kelvin Meadow Entry /Exit ( 13 in the mini skinny listing)

Unfortunately the  Fiona Tan lecture was cancelled due to volcanic ash… so I will be spending more time at

Glasgow International Book Fair at the Glasgow Royal Concert hall. It’s only on Friday the 16th and Sat. the 17th.

Roundabout in Kelvingrove park

I will be attending the Sketchbook Show preview at Welcome home since I have a work in it! 19 in your mini skinny

I may squeeze a few things in, in-between…but I’ll post that tomorrow!