18/4 Radius in Motion Spin and David Dale

®®®®® Soothes the mightiest beast on your darkest day

®®®®  Interesting, meaningful, merits attention

®®® Worth consideration

®® I’m Thirsty

® Maybe don’t take my word for it and judge for yourself.

 Spin tour

GI SPIN: is a group sponsored by the Glasgow City council to introduce audiences to contemporary art.  http://www.spinscotland.co.uk

The reason I like it so much is that as a part of GI they co-ordinate tours that hit 5 to 6 Gi exhibitions in close proximity to each other, often having the director, curator, or sometimes even the artist to speak about their particular event.( and it’s FREE)

Today we were lucky enough to keep company with Jean Cameron the producer of the Gi who talked about the hub and was able to add information as we went along that only Jean could. Lucky us, she’s lovely and generous. ®®®®

Jean Cameron at MAry Mary

GI GOMA Tomorrow by Fiona Tan  Need respite from complication, have a moment at the Goma, it’s clean, visually and


technically, it is seemingly simple and accessible and it goes at a pace that calms the mind from the hectic nature of the festival (especially if you are doing it my way). This work is straightforward and I felt the longer I looked into the faces the more vulnerable the space became between the piece and me. ®®®

Gerda Scheepers

GI Mary Mary Inside Arrangement International II Gerda Scheepers

This Gallery is one of my favourite spaces in Glasgow. I was left disappointed with the show. The work itself felt stiff, minimal, lacking in content, or content that I was interested in or could relate to or could care less about and there was something lacking between the formal presentation and the intentional  informal simplicity. This lacked any kind of… well it wasn’t an interesting show to me. ®

GI Ten to Ten  Heather Cook and Carla Scott Fullerton Suite 2/26 (right next to Mary Mary)  Collage, site-specific sculptural drawing/poetry.  Cook and Fullerton have really complimented each other in their individual languages. They both have worked and installed to the utmost of the environments they were given to respond to. The works are very different but both fluid and full of tension. Physical and intellectual synergy. (The best work I’ve seen done by Fullerton as of yet.)®®®®

GI Susan Philipsz, Lowlands at the City Centre Bridges  This work fills a space and place that surrounds you and penetrates. It exists in an un-space or un-place or one that you can only contemplate treading on. If you are going to see one thing, only one, this should be it. It  is effortless, and ephemeral.®®®®®

This wasn’t on the  Spin tour; it was the launch of Atypical Root

David Dale Gallery A-Z Risa Tsunegi and Theodoros Stamatogiannis. This was my first time on the East side of Glasgow, I’ve never had a reason to go and I took the train to Bridgeton and walked the two blocks to the gallery. Totally worth it and easy. Don’t miss the moving aspect of this installation, it’s a beautiful love story intentional or not. Fantastic space and lovely physical relationship to the work. ®®®®

There’s a video attached to the group page. Enjoy.

19/1 I need to regroup and rehash my routes a little tomorrow and make sure I have clean clothes to scoot about town, kiss my partner and clap my dog, so I’m not sure where I will go tomorrow, my family misses me.