19/4 Roundabout (Kelvingrove park), GSA, The Glue Factory and Modern Terra.


This day felt as if it were full of extremes. Of course I am often walking in the park with my dog, and when I start my day I make sure to check no vandalism has happened to Roundabout… It’s a beauty, don’t miss it.

I headed to GSA to have a look at Inhale/Exhale by Alice Channer.

She has masterfully collaborated with the late Mackintosh as the work sings perfectly in harmony with the space.  I think that element of working with a space that is so dramatic and articulated needs someone to pay attention and in a sense collaborate and consider the space as it were a person.

It is sensual but also vast, it speaks of the body but has no semblance of it. I really enjoyed sitting with it and feeling as if I were in the company of a giant angel…

 Glue Factory

On the other extreme; the Glue Factory is punchy, gutsy, and raw I wasn’t sure what I was walking into it. I don’t think there is another place or exhibition on in Glasgow that has the same feeling as this place. One of the works had some text that I think encapsulated the spirit of the place.

“Fear Less

Glue factory

Less Fear

Fear Less”

 It was too much too absorb for the amount of time I could spend there, if you like adventure and a bit of raw around the edges and  rare in the middle, don’t miss this. Give yourself plenty of time to go through it. (two to three hours) The refinement is in the art work and the energy of the exhibition.

Modern Terra

Modern Terra, transported me to another continent… and the disturbing thing is, it brought me to my front door. This is an important and critical work that speaks of our culture, how we live, what we make of it and how we disregard. I thought it was very powerful. Modern Terra defines themes in our contemporary landscape that are so close we can lean over and touch. Allison Gibbs work, Inland Navigations Void was extremely poignant. It looks as if she will be doing a  performance May 2nd at 2pm at the sight.

 To follow the activities of the space click here


Modern Terra

My Finally of the day was after trekking all the way out to Speirs Warf, as I was leaving somone had parked a White bike behind the Glue Factory. Whoo Hoo! I road it all the way home with joy in my heart. I have to add that when I was riding it through the park I saw someone I knew and waved like I was five years old, frantically full open hand beaming that somone saw me on my white bike.  I left it in front of the Kelvingrove Art Galleries. Score!

What a great day!