21/4 Radiuses in Motion

Spiel David Noonan Mitchell library

The long Loch: How do We Go On From Here? Faith Wilding and Kate Davis

Subject to Change without notice: Will Foster and Guyan Porter Intermedia

Rough Luxe 102 hope st. Mair Hughes, Yvonne Mullock and Salomeh Grace

Passages Street level film screening

Le Drapeau Noir


A great day of art and happenings that could only happen through the festival. 

The Mitchell library was my first stop, Speil by David Noonan.

An incredibly elegant and vast space is turned into a set by the sculptural work and installation of Noonan. It’s deceivingly simple, and has a playfulness that is elegant and effortless. I couldn’t help but feeling that a giant hand was hovering somewhere near by to move the objects around as if it could be rearranged at any given moment.

There is anticipation; potential energy to this work that makes me want to go back and see it again. There is a great small catalogue published by Washington Garcia with an interview between Kenall Koppe and Alhena Katsof that adds to the knowledge and experience of the work. £2

There is a film screening on Monday the 26 of April The Rite of Ingmar Bergman at 18:00. Free I hope I can make it.

The long Loch: How do We Go On From Here? I have been following Kate Davis since she did an exhibition for the 2008 GI. It was the first seemingly feminist art that I had seen in Glasgow since moving to here in 2005. She did a residency at Cove Park where she was in email dialogue with Faith Wilding. This current exhibition has grown from that. The thing I think is important about this work as that it is examining and considering past, present and future states of the subject of feminism. The exhibition feels more like a platform than something that exists as a successfully independent exhibition without considering all the research, conversations and invitations to participate.  I was slightly disappointed with the show as a exhibit on it’s own, but feel quite happy that Davis and Wilding have started something that I think will continue to grow and include people as it develops.


Subject to Change without notice: Will Foster and Guyan Porter Intermedia

Subject to change without notice

I was sceptical when I walked in, very black and white room that also resembles the semblance of an office. There was lively discussion happening and the freedom to walk around. Porter and Foster have taken up residency in Intermedia gallery examining the fine print. The more I think about the concept and activity the more I like it. I was able to speak to both artists and understand ask questions, this isn’t always the case. It’s only on till next weds, so have a go.

Rough Luxe 102 hope st. Mair Hughes, Yvonne Mullock and Salomeh Grace

Rough Luxe

This was a great “not what you expect” kind of experience. 102 Hope st. looks like a very sophisticated building when you walk up the stairs. Then you enter the exhibition and it’s all sensory overload with an extreme landscape shift. These three artists have put together a temporary installation that showcases their own work without competing with each other. These Glasgow based artist are quite different from each other, they have composed an intriguing depth of content. Two thumbs up, it’s worth having a look and don’t forget to inhale. I’m not entirely sure about the hay but it is a material that conjures specific memories and scenarios.

Mair HughsMair HughsMair Hughs

Passages Street level film screening

G-Mac Street Level

I really enjoyed this event. Reliving film that was made in the 80’s and 90’s was surprisingly refreshing and captivating. Louise Crawford, Richard Crompton, Deitch,

Simon Fildes, Shaz Kerr and Bert Ross are all Scottish artists. The work itself was poetic and timeless to me I hope street Level makes this a regular thing; G-Mac has a great screening room with huge seats and beautiful screening wall. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks Malcom.


Le Drapeau Noir

Le Drapeau Noir

This is a wonderful place to meet up have a drink meet interesting people catch a performance and well if you were me get dressed in a seal costume and do a little pole dancing. I met Urara Tsuchiya, a Japanese artist currently living in London; She caught my eye, as she was wearing a gold jumpsuit and a fur hat, shiny and fury the perfect combination. She did a Nudist Sewing Workshop on Tuesday the 20th (that I missed) as a part of the  Le Drapeau Noir performance program. As we chatted she sowed me some documentation photos and said she had more costumes “Should she show me” One thing led to another and low and behold I was having a dance in a Seal Suit.  Great Fun! Only could this happen at an art Festival, in a special venue with eclectic and interesting people.

Their program has something on every evening until May2 starting about 7:30 you can just go for a drink and enjoy the installed digital clock by Torsten Lauschmann.

Open from 5-11. Don’t miss it!

Urara Tsuchiya