23/4 Radius in Motion

The Dark Town Cakewalk

Real Discoveries Unexpected Realities

Joseph Beuys

Real Discoveries Unexpected Realities


More Cakewalk

It was an intense way to start the day, but I’m glad that I went to see the thirteen-hour collage performance at the Arches. I arrived to see the end of act one and the beginning of act two.

Surreal, erotically charged children’s games filled with petting, pointing moving in unpredictable gyrating patterns, shifting, jarring, teasing, jerking, rubbing, laughing, moaning not to mention sequence, plastic, cake, shaving foam, razors, gags, frills, petticoats, breasticles , scarves, roses, microphones thumping, groaning, beating, blaring residual feedback, playful, menacing, dark, sexual, sensual, unpredictable shifting, confrontational, spontaneous improvisational endurance performance.

It was mesmerizing and one hour turned into three until I realized I really needed to walk away. It was too intense to take it all in, the audience could come and go as they pleased or needed.


I went to see Real Discoveries Unexpected Realities  319 by Helena Ohman McCardle. It was at Glasgow University in the Mcmillan Reading Room.   What made this work quite interesting was seeing the Joseph Beuys exhibit in the Huntarian and the What Science Could not Tell Us in the Boyd Orr building by Victoria Skogsberg.

These three exhibitions all relate to content of mystic, storytelling, things that aren’t real or things we perceive not to be real. The Joseph Beuys fat chair is more an artefact now than an artwork, but he was such an influential and historically important artist, it was really refreshing to see the two video works that are situated on either side of the Huntarian Gallery.

You can see Real Discoveries Unexpected Realities one more day Friday April 30th.



‘Welcome to Bridgeland’ was a ceremonial opening of Bridgeland, taking place on the South Portland St Suspension Bridge on April 23rd for GI 2010. With local collaborators Guy Veale and Dave Tunstall, artist Jodi Rose conducted a site-specific musical performance and celebration to bridge sounds.

It was ok. I was a little disappointed but I think the project is an ethereal concept that uses the performance to inspire ideas about… well conceptual bridges.

I then went back to Cakewalk, I really wanted to stay for the end but I was exhausted. If you didn’t get a chance to see this epic performance I think you missed something.