Spin tour, The Common Guild, Roundabout, Kelvingrove Art Galleries, David Shrigley, Tramway the Tea Party

 The Common Guild

Spin is great! http://www.glasgowinternational.org/index.php/events/view/spin_off/ You could probably still book a tour if you haven’t yet. Today we started at The Common Guild; a gallery in the home of Douglas Gordon, posh and a beautiful space to see a show, I’m going to refrain from saying anything about the show until I see the off site film by Gerard Byrne at the Gi hub. This work is layered and I tried to describe understanding it like doing a complicated math problem in my head. It can be confusing but the show is done well, it’s contemplative and reflective.


We then did a short walk through the park and I was invited to talk about Brian McCutcheons’ work Roundabout. The people on the tour were disappointed to hear it was only a temporary installation, meaning they thought it was great fun and they enjoyed it. I had one person on the tour ask how I got the pole installed.

David Shrigley

David Shrigley at Kelvingrove Art Gallery. This show was very humorous and I enjoyed Shrigley’s light heartedness and simplicity. This work operates on many levels and I like the immediacy of the shapes, materials and willingness to have it be what it is, and that’s what he meant.  Don’t miss the drawers, this is in the research library on the second level. The drawers …

 David Shrigley


Off to the Mitchell Library, we were lucky enough to have a talk by Kendall Koppe  (the founding director of Washington Garcia) about the work.

This was my second time at the exhibition and I liked it as much if not more the second time around, sometimes art is like that, a little time to help digest the space and the work in context.

I will be off to the Tramway to see The Party  it is a collaborative project in the tradition of The Theatre of the Absurd and includes characters of an artist, designer, philosopher/critic and ingénue.

Mary Mary Gallery presents

Artists: Alexis Marguerite Teplin

Tomorrow is Sunday the 25th I will be attending the private view of Schema  by Helen Shaddock at Che Camilles at 13:00 on from 12:00-5:00, music at 13:00 and 3:00; I will then be off to Atypical Root to explore performances by Anthony Shragg and other artists along the Clyde. I hope they get as nice weather as today. It will be a great day out.  I will also be attending Cleansing The House With Ink

Ricefield Arts and Cultural Centre. 25/4

A multimedia collaboration based on performance and works on paper by Thomas Jacobi, poem by David Greygoose with parallel Chinese translation by Yupin Chung.

19.00 – 21.00 Sun 25 Apr 2010

Ricefield Arts and Cultural Centre

3rd Floor

34 Albion Street (enter via 32 Albion Street)

G1 1LH

This event is free but

Booking recommended.


Feel free to meet me at Schema for a walk and a chat about the festival; I would love to hear how people are finding the festival and if Radius has been something that they have followed.