Angry Woman 1, 2 and 3

Lost and Found Street level

“King’s Ransom (Hybrid Tea), Linder, Sorcha Dallas

Still Life, Dan Miller, SWG3 off site Osborne St

Better World Sandy Smith, SWG3 off site Osborne St.

Metal Urban Jim Lambie, Modern Institute 14-20 Osborne St.

Musique d’ameublement A tribute to Erik Satie, Played by Jamie Bolland at Le Drapeau Noir

New work from Europe was part of a two-part location exhibition a selection of work from the Outsider Art Biennale previously held at the Rackstad Museum in Arvika, Sweden.


The work again was wonderful, the inhibition, and subject matter infer playful uncensored qualities and adult content. I think this combination is more prevalent in children than we like to admit and takes a state of mind where all content is un- censorable and all expression is direct and honest.  I always go away with a sense of relief and liberation when I go to project ability. I am under no duress or  am I subjected to “politically correct” art or “fashionable” content, just contact with un- inhibited content by people expressing their life and ideas.


Street Level has a fantastic collection of video installations that have been largely unseen from previous exhibitions.

Kevin Atherton

Stephen Littman

Pictorial Heroes

Zoe Redman

Stephen Partridge

Tony Sinden

These works are exciting and have survivied time as film media  and progressive technological advances are making even showing these works quite a challenge.

See them while you can it might be your last opportunity. The quality of the installation is superb.

Linder at Sorcha Dallas. This exhibition of new and old works is fabuloso. Don’t be afraid of masterbating women, take it in stride it’s not new it’s just not normally presented in a gallery for all to enjoy. Ah the strength of this work makes me feel a little better about being a woman artist in Glasgow. (A little personal insight into my own artistic interest) The collages are stunning and the sculptural installation makes me feel like I am still in the presence of the Cakewalk. On till May 22nd it will be getting another visit from me.

Still life

Still Life by Dan Miller. The text accompanying this show explains the intellectual relationship you might have with the exhibition… I just liked how white, damp and phallic it was. What  a great space, I hope SWG3 can do more with spaces like this, it is so much more accessable than the Warehouse.

Better World

Better World by Sandy Smith

This is a very interesting show. “promiscuous tarts” is used in the writing about this exhibition. I think that is a wonderful

detail Better World

description, I would say that the text is indulgent but so is the work and that’s what makes it great. It is exacuted  beautifully with extreme material contrasts, lots of shiny reflective surfaces in the midst of lots of colourful shiny lights. I f I were to describe this show out loud, I doubt it would sound like it worked, but there is a beauty in all the contrasts, persoanable suggestive texts, technology and architecture.  It is seductive and dream like, as a viewer I don’t always like a lot of intellectual talk to ruin my experience of a work; my inner child was awoken from the night I used to play with my light brite, and leave it on all through the night. “  never felt closer to you than this” is a great way describe the otherness that accompanies this exhibition.

Metal Urbain

Jim Lambie Metal Urban at the Modern Institute,

Coloring and compression, the combination of things recycled, walked upon, reflected and mirrored. Lots of color, lots of  compressed metal sculptures. I didn’t not like it, it was inviting, it had a Brancusi like feeling to the forms, not similar in simplicity, but the feeling of effortless exsistance.  It was like walking into a night club full of art, bright and mod. This was one of the last things I checked out that afternoon. I think I need to revisit it. ®®®®

Jamie Bolland

Musique d’ameublement A tribute to Erik Satie, Played by Jamie Bolland at Le Drapeau Noir

 My last quiet event of the night. It was music being played on the piano, music of Saite. There was a strange guest amongst the crowd, I feel as if I have really missed something because I couldn’t make the historical connections.

mystery performer

Hopefully someone can fill me in. The atmoshere was lovely and I behaved.