Vestiges Park

5/3  Radius in Motion


Actually I’ve left off half way through 5/2. As I’m walking back from Govan, I surrender that I am indeed not going to see everything; I ask myself if have I enjoyed this project?

My answer to that was to stop in to Vestiges park, grab some blue clay, sit on a bench marked number 12 on the park map and listen to my last sound work of the festival while I make my own wee creature to add to the mix.

Vestiges Park

Vestiges Park was a highlight; it was fun, and well put together.

I enjoyed my last day in the field of the festival by attending the Le Drapeau noir Closing party. Raydale Dower played the obo while accompanied by other musicians.

I thought by having a little rest before I wrote my final blog would help me re charge my battery, but it hasn’t really. The festival is over and I’m glad. I did enjoy it, I love art and I would never miss the opportunity to see it when it’s on my doorstep.

It’s the best tool to challenge the mind and keep the cogs turning.

One thing that has bothered me and is still haunting me is all these whispers about anti-GI sentiment. The truth is the festival has only inspired me since 2004. I’m not sure why this year was different; I’ve only been an audience up until now. Diversity is important and that is all I’m going to say about the festival.

Central Station made a huge difference by acknowledging the project. I suppose it’s difficult to tell if what you have contributed is worthy of being viewed. I have met a lot of people, seen a lot of spaces, places and happenings I never would have, I have been engaged, inspired and exhausted.

Le Drapea Noir

It has forced me to look at where I live and see it in a different way, on multiple levels. It has reminded me that making the effort and being engaged in what is happening is worth the effort.

Le Drapeau Noir

I still need time to process all the work and the experience itself but I will keep it until I am ready to purge.

A huge Thanks to Central Station, The Skinny, all the participants in Radius, (including designers, artists, volunteers who helped make it happen) Atypical Root, and  the Gi Festival. I’ll see ya round.



Stephanie Spindler