Marina Rosso

Italian photographer, Marina Rosso is working on a project on the effects of artificial fecundation on human kind. With soon to be parents choosing donors based on standards of health and beauty, Rosso is attempting to visualise a human trait that may soon disappear as a consequence of IVF: the red-haired person.

For her MC1R – The Red Hair Gene project, Marina Rosso is looking for 48 red-haired people who are 18 – 45 years old to photograph. Each person will represent a different category. Each category is a combination of different physical traits (gender, height, weight, eye color and hair structure). She will be shooting from 11 – 19 May in London and is planning on coming to Glasgow in the coming months. If you are interested, please contact Marina directly, who will send you a document with all the details and location of the shooting.

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