Away with the Birds

Away with the Birds is a project exploring the mimesis of birds in Gaelic song by Glasgow based sound and visual artist, Hanna Tuulikki.

BBC Alba filmed Tuulikki’s vocal group rehearsing Guth an Eòin | Voice of the Bird and chatted to Hanna Tuulikki ahead of the performance at Tectonics.

Why we like it:
The site is regularly updated with performance reviews, photos, videos, soundworks and more. Reading just some of the reviews on Tuulikki’s performances will make you wish you had been there. As a close alternative, you can sit back and enjoy Tuulikki’s ethereal compositions on Soundcloud here.


Don’t miss:
25 May – 2 July 2013
  - Hanna’s visual score for Guth an Eòin | Voice of the Bird’ will be shown at the RSA exhibition ‘Between the Late and Early’. More information here.

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