Just did an interview with BBC in the park, I rode a white bike for the first time, a dog ran in front of my path, I had a coffee in one hand and I pulled the brakes pretty hard and went straight over the handlebars. Not a good move as I’m running a marathon on Sunday. Luckily it was before the cameras came.

Usual questions, about what if they are stolen and is this art….to the first: if you base what you do on the worst that can happen, nothing good in the world would ever happen, on the second: that a re-enactment as social action communicating ideas about real issues that were relevant to everyday life 45 years ago as they are today is an important strand of contemporary practice (they won’t use that bit).

After ten takes I said to the interviewer that I was beginning to sound like a politician, he said yes but the difference is that you mean it.