Here’s another reminder that you should now be backing up your work and joining our networks elsewhere online.

Not sure why you are doing this?
Read these FAQs.

Not sure how to do this?
Here’s an example of how one of our members successfully shifted across to our new network:

1. Meet Vlad_Mitrichev, a photographer and filmmaker from Moscow AND member of Central Station as we know it today.

2. Vlad noticed our call to join us on other networks…

3. …and found us on flickr, which he just so happened to also have an account on. Vlad then made us one of his contacts.

4. we then got notification that Vlad made us one of his contacts, so we made him a contact back.

5. Now Vlad is part of our community and we can see whenever he uploads any work.

It’s that easy.

Lucky for Vlad, he’s also managed to join our community while our 50×50 promotion is on, which means that we will consider Vlad for a feature in the first 50 days of Central Station v2 (which means he might get himself in the running for some cash prizes).

Want to know which other networks you can join Central Station on? See this list:

Vimeo [for film and video, motion graphics & animation]
Flickr [for photography, graphic images & visual artwork]
SoundCloud [for audio & sound design]
Behance & Cargo [for portfolios, illustration, design & visual artwork].

Please make sure that you have all of your work somewhere other than Central Station – as we have mentioned, Portfolios will be removed from the new version AND you will only have access to your profile for a limited time.

We’re looking forward to seeing you on our networks & on Central Station v2. Please read the Q&As, and if you have any other questions email us at

[The thumbnail for this blog is by Vlad too - you can see more of his work on Flickr here]