Looking back on the Dundee Popup Tour, I think it was realy successful, I think that it motivated visitors and venues to think about their activities and share info about what they were doing. I hope the audience that I was part of for much of the day will continue attending / draw on connections they made / go forth and multiply – well maybe not that but at least be a bit encouraged in what they are already doing and have the impetus to raise their game in some instances. Its true what Tartan Baffies says in his post about putting names to CentralStation / Twitter user names and that was one of the functions of the days.

I got to meet Superfly Guy who I have exchanged several emails with and circulated info to our students about his projects in the past.

I have been thinking about how the links made can be maintained but my daydreaming has now gone further than that: As I was recounting some of the day during a conversation today with someone who was not able to come it made me think could the Popup Tour happen again next year…..It took a lot of work but it was work done together and benefiting from what each other was doing. It was a collaboration and will hopefully nurture further collaboration. We have Open Doors days and I suppose the Dundee Popup Tour organised by Central Station was a hyper equivalent of that with social media involved! Anyone else interested in doing it all again next year?


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