…So turns out I was far too busy seeing things at Central Station’s Dundee Popup to actually blog about them! It was a great way to spend a Saturday and there were some really interesting talks and art to be seen. It’s given me some insight into how much is going on outside of Glasgow.

But I will blog about one more thing from the day, which was the tour around the DCA’s Print Studio.

It proved a fantastic opportunity to check out what facilities they have to offer and what classes too. I never knew you could get workshops in Japanese Woodcut Printing!

The example work they had on display was lovely and really inspired me to consider screen and/or lino printing it up at this studio. I remember dabbling in it in college and naively looking into the prices of owning a screen-printing machine. So, I got the impression that this is a really good environment to develop those skills, amongst talented professionals.


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