Well, if i’ve confirmed one thing today it’s that i’m an idiot!

Firstly, (and not so relevant to this blog) I left my car in a space for two hours and paid only for 20mins – now I have a ticket!

Secondly, I’ve lived or worked within 10 mins of Dundee for nearly 17 years and i’ve never once been to the DCA Print Studio, or it’s predecessor in the east end..!

If you have the slightest interest in print making, regardless of experience, stop reading this and get down there.

Due to contractual obligations, and for the benefit of those who live a little more that 10 mins out of Dundee here’s a breakdown of what we saw this afternoon…

Our guide, (sorry, didn’t catch the name and forgot to ask afterwards) gave us an overview of the many styles of print available at the studio. By far the most popular is Screen printing, but you could also have a try at Etching, Block, Lino and Litho (I may have missed others..?). With materials getting increasingly expensive there are many modern alternatives on offer and many aesthetics can be achieved though different materials.

If you’d like to have a shot you really should just go down there and have a chat. If i’m honest i’ve often thought about trying it out but have felt intimidated by such a specialised environment. I’m glad to say that these fears were complete unfounded and the studio was relaxed and open to enquiries. It’s also incredibly cheap to sign up for either taster, speciality or even ‘one to one’ sessions so you really should just go down and find out what suits you.

If you’d rather find out by more while in the comfort of you own home you could visit the DCA website for details of membership and other fees… but don’t be an idiot.. if you’ve been thinking about it don’t wait nearly 20 years.. just do it!

Oh, and if you go by car put plenty of change in the meter..!


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