Every Friday lunchtime in 2012 artists, friends and flatmates Ellie Harrison & Oliver Braid are joining forces to co-host a regular half-an-hour slot on Culture Lab Radio.

Broadcast LIVE from their lounge in the West End of Glasgow, the Ellie & Oliver Show aims to explore the philosophies that surround and inform their everyday lives and is set to an eclectic soundtrack that reflects their unique weekly topic: universal themes such as ‘identities’, ‘obsessions’ or ‘routines’.

An audience friendly, upbeat inquiry into contemporary living, the Ellie & Oliver Show offers a rare insight into the day-to-day lives of two of the freshest and more unusual new voices on the Scottish art scene.

Already being hailed as the perfect antidote to a sometimes over serious and insincere art world, the Ellie & Oliver Show emphasises honesty and optimism as its co-hosts use their close friendship to help each other negotiate their individual, and sometimes idiosyncratic, ways in the world. Unfazed by embarrassment, Ellie Harrison & Oliver Braid continue to welcome this weekly interlude from their hectic work routines as an opportunity to ‘catch up’ LIVE on air – offering personal and provocative interpretations of their theme, which seem to strike-a-chord with likeminded listeners, both locally and across the globe.

Ellie Harrison & Oliver Braid were invited by Culture Lab Radio to develop this new show – their first major collaboration – following their highly successful hour-long pilot broadcast as part of Wunderbar Festival in Newcastle in November 2011. Now, only nine episodes in, they are already developing a cult following. Curious fans tune-in LIVE during their Friday lunch break in anticipation of the latest topic of discussion, whilst others listen again or on- the-go, as the handy iTunes podcast and Mixcloud online archive mean that you need never miss a thing. You too can keep up-to-date with the unfolding weekly adventures of Ellie & Oliver – as they chase love, success and harmony across the airwaves and beyond.

Live from Glasgooow, it’s the Ellie & Oliver Shooow!

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Ellie & Oliver Show jingles were written and produced by Glasgow-based musician Shortlegs, with logo design by Glasgow-based illustrator (and Central Station member) Emily Chappell.