The installation in North Kelvin Meadow is all completed and has been running for the last few days, as part of ‘Radius’. I was quite pleased with the result initially, the pieces working quite nicely in the large urban grassland space.

However, popped down to hang some site photos on the entry / exit railings and found that two of the pieces had gone missing. Now, I have completed intervention-based works in the past and am well aware and prepared for stuff to get moved, broken or, as was the case here, nicked. At the end of the day, the photographs of the installation and site are the real end products when this work is finished.

I went away and typed up a little explanation piece about the work itself; about the photocopy aesthetic and reproduction of real views, and added a sentence at the end saying that if the pieces could be returned, I would be most grateful, so that others could enjoy the work as I intended…..

Low and behold, when I went down to meet and show Stephanie Spindler (curator and director of Radius) round the site, one of the stolen boards was back in situ, and the other was wrapped in a bin bag at the base of one of the sculptures! I was very pleased indeed, and even though the person / people who took the pieces might never read this, I would like to thank you / them for putting them back – makes you realise that there are really decent folk about in Glasgow.

If it was you that took one of the pieces, email me at and I’ll arrange to give you the piece in question after the show is done – to say thanks for your honesty!