R.isky and perilous to your sense of judgement

I.nexplicable activities

N.ot included or approved or endorsed by the official

G.i festival

E.xhibitions and events happening April 16 to May 3


R.iding on the coat tails


N.ot included or endorsed by the official GI Festival


E.xhibitions and Events happening April 16 to May 3

It is the bewitching hour of 3:00 am and I have again woken from my cosy bed, partner and dog snoring away and I, am awake. I think I was having nightmares about how in my over exuberant and naïve energy I may be turning noses and excommunicating myself from any possible funding, acknowledgement, approval, preferential treatment, by saying “hey guess what I want to have happen and is happening whether you like it or not? A “Fringe”!  What is so ironic and somewhat amusing is that if you go to the official Gi sight and watch “the clip”, I’m in it! Endorsing the festival, anonymously, but I know that it’s me, I’m the first voice you hear saying, “It’s a different kind of scene from New York, or London, it has more grit to it, it’s somehow more genuine, more real.” This is real it’s not a spoof and I really meant it! http://www.glasgowinternational.org

I am anonymous in more ways than one.

Politics are for donkeys. I’m kind of exhausted and liberated at the same time.

Please see the call for submissions if you want your event or exhibit on an Atypicalroot map that will feature official sites, threads and risky bits that are any ones gamble to decide if it’s worth going to see.

This so far will be in collaboration with the Central Station, Atypicalroot, and The Skinny.

Yours lovingly,