Hairdressers’ Space – Creative Crossoverexplores the theme of voices by calling figures from the past into an eclectic present context – an exhibition site which combines music, writing and performance; The Haridressers’ Space, Renfield Lane (opposite Stereo)

Hairdressers’ Space – Creative Crossover

Q: What do you get when you cross an established writers’ group, one emergent visual artist, two live bands and a token piano?

A: A creative dynamic unlike anything Glasgow has ever encountered and, in our increasingly inter-disciplinary era, may prove a pioneering prototype for Plenary’s of the future.

Take said ingredients and house them in an atmospheric, appealingly antiquated space in a key central location. Add a few dollops of international delegates. Pour in some plucky and inquistive general public. Then leave to simmer, letting the creative juices flow.

The Hairdressers’ Space opposite Stereo has proved itself, in its various recent incarnations, as something of a hotbed for current cultural inclination. Anyone remember that stomach-swilling site specific installation – THE ORZEL? This gutsy, makeshift masterpiece recreated the claustrophobia of a submariner’s experience. It drew colossal crowds during its shortlived stint in Autumn of last year.

Later, GI‘s notoriously well attended social epicentre Le Drapeau Noir  sprung up on site as a beautifully bolshy bastion of bohemian nightlife. With a knowing nod to the Berlin scene, artists, writers, performers and partiers adorned the entrance throughout, belching out from its teeming interior. The constant ebb and flow of general public and GI affiliates ensured that requests for a more permanent exhibition-site-come-social-venue (and all round alternate reality) piled in from all corners.

Post inundation of pleading enquiries Stereo invested in the space, shrewdly selecting certain events to fill its drafty but undeniably endearing walls.

Almost incidentally, a modest but curiously momentous mini-Glasgow institution was forged. And its reputation is ever-mounting. The day is nigh when reference to the venue will no longer be suffixed, in parenthesis, by the information (opposite Stereo). It continues to craft its distinct identity as a cubbyhole for culture with unforseen kudos. Crucially, it retains an ‘almost- undergroundness’ which characterises the best of the city’s galleries and arts sites such as SWG3.

IETM now occupies this kooky kernel of Glasgow’s creative space for four days throughout Voices- the Autumn performing arts Plenary taking place across Glasgow from 4-7 November.

Plywood, a three piece band will set the scene upstairs within. IETM’s delegates, kept well-oiled by the licensed bar below, may mingle at leisure round candle lit tables on the mezzanine. Playing from 11pm on Thursday 4 Nov Plywood have the luxury of a bright eyed and bushy-tailed crowd, raring for the programme of performance, productions and parties. By Sunday 7, these same sociable arts professionals, we can safely surmise, may not be feeling quite so fresh nor so chipper.

Seeds of Thought then saunter in to plant some smooth vocals in the varied vegetable patch that is The Hairdressers Site. Playing from 11pm on Friday 5 November these guys have the onerous, but not unenjoyable, task of revving up the crowd, rendez-voused at this Late Night Meeting Point. Playing into the wee small hours they expertly combine spoken word with performative elements and music.

Fence writers’ group will be resident in the space throughout, holding a series of workshops, events and meetings for IETM attendees. Readings will be held, at intervals, during each day. The setting alone will propel pens towards paper in all its strange, chilling, (if somewhat chilly -heaters provided!) faded grandeur.

And what, you may query, could pose as a fitting backdrop to this veritable glut of clever creative interplay? Just when you thought you couldn’t manage another morsel IETM, collaboratively with Central Station have  curated the work of a visual artist to add to the array. Calling upon the talents of deft draughtsman and sound social commentator, artist Leigh Chorlton. The winner of the Emerging Artist Competition will exhibit throughout the Plenary with an opening on November 3 from 7pm – 10pm.  Chorlton will showcase a selection of his renaissance style renderings which parody retro culture. Exposing the rift in classical verses contemporary art he explores the theme of voices by calling figures from the past into an eclectic present context – an exhibition site which combines music, writing and performance; The Haridressers’ Space, Renfield Lane (opposite Stereo)