Harvest Skateboard Co

Harvest is a new company from Scotland, specialising in artist designed skateboard decks, apparel and editioned prints. It is run by artist Jamie Johnson and tailor Kieron Forbes. Jamie Johnson tells us more:

To promote the launch of our website www.harvestskateco.com, we arranged with Edinburgh City Council access to an abandoned swimming complex, to take photographs and videos of our sponsored skateboard team using the space in a unique way. We grew up using the pool and were sad to see its closure, but felt this repurposing of the space was a positive and interesting project to undertake before the building is renovated entirely.

Here is our video edit, with music by local artist Benjamin Seeley and animations by Jamie Johnson –

This project came about through us looking for a new video project to launch our website with. We both knew about the closure of Leith Waterworld, although sad to see it go we saw potential for it as an interesting place to skateboard in and take photos. With the help of an artist friend (Dickie Webb) we contacted Edinburgh City Council and proposed our idea. We gained access and filmed and shot everything within a couple of hours.

Harvest Skate Co

Since we were awarded funding from Cultural Enterprise Office’s Starterfor6 creative business programme, we have launched our website alongside a line of skateboard decks, apparel and artist prints. We held preview exhibition nights at Superclub Gallery in Edinburgh and Recoat Gallery in Glasgow, where we premiered our first promotional video and product line. It’s been a very encouraging first year of existence as a company, with good press and feedback from a variety of sources.

We are currently working on a new filming project and collaborative printed publication, alongside a new clothing line. We will be releasing a new run of limited skateboard decks and artists prints, with graphics designed by ourselves and other local artists in the near future.

Hopefully we can find more interesting unseen spots to film skate videos and inspire animations, we would also like to hold another exhibition/video premiere before too long.

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