Blind Alchemy Invite 2

500 unique invites for  +44 141 Gallery exhibition ‘Blind Alchemy’ by Rachel Adams and Ian Giles.

The artists started working together in the form of a blog called ‘This to Follow That’, which became an image essay where each artist posted an image every day, creating a visual dialogue. From this start point, the artists have researched the underlying themes and concepts within the blog to create a new series of works.

For the publicity for the exhibition, designers Emlyn Firth and Edwin Pickstone  ‘The Press’ decided to amplify this ‘visual dialogue’ via a photocopier, copying each copy consecutively until the distortion gradually created new and playful images, and each of the 500 invites was unique. Partly inspired by Bruno Munari’s ‘Xerographies‘, and partly by the fact that we’ve all been through that ‘let’s see what happens when you do this with a photcopier’ stage…


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