My hidden space can be found in the concepts of my work (I’m a photographer). I try to encourage myself to explore new things and techniques which i love doing and by doing so i create this place that i feel secure and happy in.  It  starts as a metaphor, researching and developing an idea but then expands to a physical place where the images are shot, so every project differs.  When I’m engrossed in my work reality almost doesn’t exist anymore and thats something i strive to show.  My hidden space is an experience and the journey which gets me there…

I’m not entirely sure if this makes any sense: it all might sound a bit pompous and airy fairy? but I know what I’m trying to say

My current exhibition Deep is an  example of this, i want the viewer to see something new, interesting and feel a calm sense of space like I felt when making the work.


Hidden Spaces – a month of blogs by members about their hidden space – whether they be real, imagined, unbuilt, cut-off from the public, demolished, spiritually significant or politically sublimated. Read more from the series.