Glove Puppet is a blog run by Caroline and Claire. It’s a place where they share what they do and what they like. Originally posted on their site nearly a year ago ‘If praise were pounds’ talks about their difficulties at making a sell at a craft market in London. Why not share your experiences in the comments section.

On Sunday my good friend Nicole and I attempted to to play at market stall sellers at The Backyard Market, off Brick Lane. It really is harder than you may think. In my very limited experience it’s easier to shift a used toilet brush and an odd sock at a bootsale than it is to sell a limited edition hand-pulled 4-colour print at the bargain price of £35 at a ‘trendy’ east-end market. As the day went on the phrase ‘If praise were pounds’ became more and more poignant. Lots of ladies loved Nicole’s teacup candles they cooed and ooohed at them but a great deal of persuasion was needed to make the sale, likewise with my prints, lots and lots of long conversations but sadly not as many sales. Still, it was an enjoyable experience, the highlight of the day was being talent-spotted by a Korean magazine, the incident kindly captured by Nicole. All in all we concluded that we won’t be making a career out of market trading, market sellers we salute you.