Mark Devereux Projects (MDP) was formed in January 2013 in response to some of the real and apparent issues facing early-career artists in light of recent changes to higher & further education structures. Here, Mark Devereux tells us more…

Mark Devereux Projects

During his six-years as Founder, Director & Head of Exhibitions for Blank Media Collective (Manchester), Devereux worked with and talked to hundreds of artists. One of the common and most significant issues was the lack of dedicated, one-to-one support available to give the artists the bespoke and channeled information needed to help further their practice.

Research shows that many positive and informative schemes varying from open workshops to discussion groups exist; however, there are few organisations that are able to offer a focused one-to-one service for early-career artists.

Through the experience and contacts Devereux has acquired, MDP is able to start looking at ways in which the organisation can fill-in some of these gaps. Working alongside other industry professionals, MDP is launching in the North-West of England with two entry-points for early-career artists, audiences and collaborators.

“His [Devereux’s] idea of starting our working relationship with 100 questions around every aspect of my practice was inspired. Since that, I’ve had an interview and studio visit with a fantastic curator from Yorkshire Sculpture Park. A visit from another arts professional and a further session with Mark are already penciled in. I feel really lucky that’s he’s taking such a nurturing approach.” [Nicola Dale]

Sequel by Nicola Dale
Sequel, Nicola Dale, 2012

MDP will be working with Nicola Dale, David Ogle and Nicola Ellis as a long-term ‘collaboration’ to support the growth of their practices. With support ranging from critique of new works and ideas to support with promotion and business skills, varying aims and targets have been set to help each artist increase their profile and achieve their personal ambitions.

The work between MDP and the inaugural artists will be an ongoing process and conversation, rather than short-term fixes of information or exposure. Reflection, consideration and time for thinking are all integral factors into making the process and activities comfortable and successful for the artists.

“As opportunities for artists often seem to follow on from one another (new commissions arising from previous shows) it can feel as though any kind of career development lacks a level of direction or concerted focus on specific goals. Working with MDP has allowed me to consider in detail the types of opportunities that I am most interested in undertaking and how this can contribute to long-term aspirations” [David Ogle]

08005 by David Ogle
08005, David Ogle, 2011

The second strand of the organisation is the new MDP Associate Membership Scheme and one-to-one mentoring sessions. Early-career artists from the North-West of England can join the scheme to benefit from bespoke one-to-one mentoring and guidance sessions. They will gain exposure through annual group exhibitions selected by Mark Devereux together with two other curators, producers or industry professionals. They will also have access to group information sessions and events as well as access to a range of online advisory materials.

The Associate Membership is a great opportunity for early-career artists to not only increase their exposure and awareness but also get invaluable advice, guidance and support helping them get to where they want to be in the future. It also gives each of the Associate Members the opportunity to be considered by MDP to compliment the existing artists mentioned above.

To compliment the Associate Membership or for early-career artists from outside of the North-West of England, additional bespoke one-to-one mentoring and guidance sessions can be booked with MDP to discuss support, advice and information needed to help further individuals careers.

Lassus by Nicola Ellis
Lassus, Nicola Ellis, 2011

“There will be a lot of new experiences for me while working with MDP. I look forward to engaging with the public in different ways and focusing on specific areas of my practice that will help develop and compliment the work I produce.” [Nicola Ellis]

MDP is currently working towards the first exhibition; Means of Feedback, which will take place in Manchester from 11-17 July, showcasing the work of Nicola Dale, David Ogle and Nicola Ellis. Complimenting the exhibition will be specially commissioned videos about each of the artists and the work of MDP. A publication including the writing of Kerry Harker (Co-Founder & Director Project Space Leeds) and Helen Pheby (Curator Yorkshire Sculpture Park) will be launched to accompany the exhibition.

For further information about Mark Devereux Projects please visit the brand-new website, Twitter or Facebook. To join MDP Associate Membership scheme or find out more about one-to-one mentoring sessions for any early-career artist visit the Membership & Mentoring page or email


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