Digital Drawing, from ongoing series ‘Marks on Maps’

With an interest in shifting socio-spatial boundaries within cities, I am currently building upon an investigation of the conceptual understanding, and the physical forms of the ‘temporary’ walls constructed around building sites.  Within this process I have become interested in use of forward-slashes within the creation of 2D work. In addition to the aesthetic connection with the batons used in the creation of many construction-site hoardings, I am also interested in their grammatical usage. Similar to physical walls, forward-slashes are used within punctuation to indicate a separation of opposing ideas / alternatives. Taking inspiration from cartography, I am currently experimenting with such typography to create motifs upon grids in an attempt to reference division in physical space.

“Lines of division cut through modern cities. These are not simply questions of marks on maps, nor can we think of features such as roads or bridges merely as useful objects. Apparently neutral divisions in space, the mundane geography of walls, edges and outskirts, can have effects beyond their basic function.”
Fran Tonkiss (Space, The City & Social Theory)


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