one point of this blog is posting new material into it. so if any of the following interests you, throw some images onto the page. what the hell … i’d really like to see images of bands that never made it. the icons that never turned into icons. so i’m starting another blog about that now.

in the meantime, looking back at the rushes and contact sheets for art/roc/doc, i’m reminded that every film and every photograph has the power to mythologise (regardless of what really happened, or what something really meant …) And the images don’t only idolise the subject, the good ones provide an instruction manual for the next cultural iteration. Some does and don’ts. A key (in the mapping sense) to the cultural melange and the labyrinthine possibilities and options out there.

for the last month my head has been absorbed by editing and delivering art/roc/doc, central station’s member collaboration film. i’m knackered but happy with the results. if you’re not familiar with the film, last october we helped Glasgow band isosceles travel to London then watched them plunge into the art scene with some abandon.

surfacing two days later in south london, they managed to play a raucous set at the opening of Plus, a show featuring the work of 70 contemporary artists including the likes of Tracy Emin and Gavin Turk.

The trip was documented on video and stills by Central Station members Tom Duncan, and Dasha, so if you don’t have a clue what i’m talking about here, try these for size.

Working with the material, the editing process started me thinking about the images which have provided a route in for me. signposts. markers if you like.

As for me, it suddenly became very obvious what’s missing from the site. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Mr Jimi Hendrix …

Update: Last weekend’s Guardian was also obsessing about the same types of thing:

The day we clicked
Pioneers of rock photography talk through their favourite shots.
check this

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