Woody Vasulka & Brian O’Reilly – Scan Processor Studies

Amazing piece of 70′s analogue Rutt-Etra processing digitized for a new audience, with a Merzbow like soundtrack.

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Neighbours – Norman McLaren, 1952

Truly stunning early stop motion film from the 50′s, produced by the National Film Boards it generated criticism due to the infamous “Baby kicking” scene!

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Une Mission Ephemere – Piotr Kamler & Bernard Parmegiani


This has to be one of my favourite animations ever, it has a profound other worldliness attached to it. The soundtrack is by music concrete ledgend bernard parmegiani

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Another selection of early computer/hand made animation and sound

Lillian Schwartz – UFO’s (1971)

Lillian Schwartz-The Artist and the Computer pt.1

Ron Hays Music Image-Starship

Snow Canon (1981)

Speed (1980)

Lillian Schwartz – Pixillation (1970)



Morton Subotnick – “Sidewinder”

Norman McLaren: Pen Point Percussion

Rainbow Road

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