> Outro: 28 days later, our final mix-blog is about a love for Movie Soundtracks. It’s Mix-Blog 25. If anyone feels they would like to bump up the ‘official’ mix-blog score, go for it – we’ll be sure to promote it as such.

We’ve all really enjoyed this series, it’s made for some fascinating and stimulating reading, and it’s up there now as a valuable resource.

All that remains is to thank everyone who took the time out to write a mix-blog – fantastic contributions one and all.


28.2.10 / Mix-Blog#25: Kurtis ‘Best Supporting Role’: Movie Soundtracks Kurtis has always been into movie soundtracks, ever since he nicked his mum’s vinyl copy of the OST to Midnight Express by Giorgio Moroder…

26.2.10 / Mix-Blog#23 : C4′s Stuart Cosgrove knows a thing or two about sound and creativity, having previously worked for the NME and The Face. Here he talks about the nature of appropriation, cut & paste, and theft with reference to Chris Ofili.

26.2.10 / Mix-Blog#20 : Loudspkr – experimental sound/media explorers give us the launch of new online documentary following Sound in Context (2009) – Exploring the presentation of sound in the visual arts world.

25.2.10 / Mix-Blog#19 : Remote Location are behind some of the freshest (can I say that?) developments in music and design at the moment, collaborating with the likes of Warp and Lucky Me, and here they showcase some of their recent outputs, alongside some amazing influences and more top linkage. And yet another great example of weegie boys made good in the big smoke…

25.2.10 / Mix-Blog#22 : YuVA’s very insightful post on VJing, with a host of great links to explore.

25.2.10 / Mix-Blog#21 : Daniel Padden, film composer, musician and Wire magazine contributor, gives his personal ‘simplistic and unconnected’ stance on sound and music

22.2.10 / Mix-Blog#18: Paul Welsh:  Digicult film supremo Paul Welsh talks music imagery, mythology… and Hendrix … and asks you to add your own favourites too

21.2.10 / Mix-Blog#17: louiserossiter: Exploring the personal process behind ‘Projekt Berlin’ – acoustic ecology, sound walks. A sonic postcard might be in the pipeline too…

19.2.10 / Mix-Blog#16: Tayto et Tayto [aka Neil Mulholland] riffs on the art of the mash-up…

16.2.10 / Mix-Blog#15: Tulta Behm: Tulta Behm gives her 21st Century deconstruction of Luigi Russolo’s Futurist Manifesto ‘The Art of Noises’, with reference to Toop, Cage, Stockhausen amongst others, and a university degree’s worth of links to seminal texts.

14.2.10 / Mix-Blog#14: Kim Walker: Field Recordings – Friend or Foe? Artist Kim Walker poses some questions, in relation to her own practise, about field recordings in a gallery context.

24.2.10 / Mix-Blog#18.5 : Biotron Channels of Sonic Warfare. Not content with slipping us the largest link-sausage-blog-roll we’ve ever had, Mr Biotron has helpfully digested the new tome on Sonic Warfare book for us. Hope you don’t have plans this evening.

13.2.10 / Mix-Blog#13: Biotron – Channels of Sound. A huge, rangy, persona primer on Sound – Patronising and incomplete overview of communication history

12.2.10 / Mix-Blog#12: Jessica Ashman – More than a Music Video

11.2.10 / Mix-Blog#11: Hanna Tuuliki – Singing as a Sculptural Process, Song as Sculpture

10.2.10 / Mix-Blog#10: Colliderscope – Audio Visual Synergy

9.2.10 / Mix-Blog#9: Patricia Fleming: Curator Patricia Fleming discusses an upcoming show for GI with French Sonic Artist Damien Marchal and Glasgow based artist Katy Dove.

8.2.10 / Mix-Blog#8: Konx-Om-Pax – A Display-Copy Blog A/V Top 3

7.2.10 / Mix-Blog#7: Dougal – Spog Rock Blog – An ‘experimental art experiment’ – taking the stage in front of 100 under 5′s. Brave man.

6.2.10 / Mix-Blog#6: Matty Samuel – Design for Sound – Matty’s definitive take – or rather opening statements in a big debate on – design for sound

5.2.10 / Mix-Blog#5: James Houston – Disposable Media / Death of MTV …

4.2.10 / Mix-Blog#4: Andy Connor ‘Soundings…’ The categorisation of Sound, plus details of Soundings Festival

3.2.10 / Mix Blog#3: We Sink Ships ‘Casting Off’ We Sink ships present their podcast. Featuring us in there as well, nepotistically ; )

2.2.10 / Mix Blog#2: pennywrite I Can Hear You… personal recollections of the Manchester scene…

1.2.10 / Mix Blog#1:Brian Harvey from 2 Open Ears challenging designers to consider sound and how it shapes the everyday experience.




> Intro:

Apparently, writing about music is like dancing about architecture. I did google to check this long-held-dear quote, that I thought had been coined by Lester Bangs, but it turns out it might have been first muttered by Elvis Costello. Or Zappa. Or it possibly might have been Laurie Anderson and she actually said “writing about art…”.

Thankfully, this thing I’m making a pigs-ear of introducing is neither specifically about music or architecture, though they both come in to it. I’m hoping there might be some dancing, but it’s probably more dominated by ‘art’. With plenty of film and design thrown in too.

The next 28 blogs – one each day in February, under the slightly dumb banner of ‘MIX-BLOG’ – are dedicated to SOUND, and where it intersects with creativity.

We’ve asked our expert, passionate, insightful members to explore a panoply of good vibrations – from Sonic Art to Synaesthesia via the complex aesthetic codes of Subcultural Style. There are projects, podcasts and plenty of personal perspectives, hopefully with less alliteration and a lot more inspiration.

Anyway, I’ll shut up now and let the main acts take the stage. Just one last thing: we want you to get involved too. Our 28 members are bravely taking the floor and putting this brand new material out there, just for you. We’d like you to comment, contribute, collaborate, corroborate. Sound-off, or show your appreciation. Just make some noise.
[thanks for listening...]