Finally I have got round to “blogging” about my wonderful day @ the Dundee Pop-up Tour. But first things first – I’d like to say a big, big thank you to all those folk involved in making this event happen & to the success that it was.

I thoroughly enjoyed my day, it was ab fab. I loved whizzing around some of Dundee’s finest “arty farty” landmarks, sometimes on foot (hardly) but mostly being driven around in the luxury of a well heated mini bus. What a joy it was to be greeted with chocolate & crisps by Genny, just what was needed to sustain the fast pace of the day.

It all kicked off @ DJCAD where we were greeted by those fine folk from Central Station. The blank looks were a bit disconcerting when introductions were made, but that changed to squeals of delight when instead of using your “Sunday” name, you mentioned your profile user name then recognition set in. So there we were – Sooper Double D, htothep, tartanbaffies & a few others with strange sounding profile names that I didn’t catch getting to know one another. As mentioned later on in the evening, it won’t be long before our passports will ask for such details & you will only be recognised from your choice of avatar.

Introductions over, we were split up into our appropriate groups & off we ventured. My day began with the DJCAD Graduate Showcase, easing me into the tour gently, listening to 3 different & excellent talks while lounging around on the big leather settees. A big thankyou & mention must go out to Jeanette Ginslov, Catt Lee Marr & Jo Hodge (who I have linked here, so go visit their work). Their enthusiasm shone through as they talked about their work & ideas despite the early morning start.

The next stage of my tour took me to Meadow Mills Studios, better known as the WASPS Studios, housed in a former jute mill in Dundee’s industrial heartland. Once more we were kindly greeted & promptly split into manageable groups. It was great to to see into this artistic community where artists, designers, painters, jewellery makers & illustrators all work alongside each other in what is truly a magnificent space. It had that bohemian touch, where each individual personalised their own working space giving a little bit of insight into their personalities. My gratitude goes out to Genna Delaney & Nicola Morrison (jewellery designers) & especially to Lindsey Gardiner (illustrator) who’s work I really admire. Thanks for letting a group of nosey parkers quiz & pry into your working lives & environment.

For the next stage, I had missed the chance to book the exclusive McManus Gallery Tour (fully booked), but to my delight I was told to tag along & see what happens. When my name was added to the list I could have jumped for joy, 4 years this magnificent venue has been closed to us Dundee folk & visiting it on that day was like greeting an old friend. Having that sneak peek was one of my highlights & I can’t wait for the reopening on the 28th February. Please check Gillian Easson’s blog spot for a more in depth account of the tour. Kerri McGowan, our tour guide for the day, was the most perfect person for showing us around as you could feel the love & passion she had for this fantastic building & almost had us running late (which I’m sure some of us wouldn’t have minded).

So from the old to the new, next stop the DCA Print Studios (check out Jon Gill’s blog spot for more info of tour). Being a lapsed member, it was good to be back in familiar surroundings. Scott Hudson, our guide was as enthusiastic on the day as he was a year & a half ago when I was last in the print studios. He explained all the print processes the studio had to offer & was full of encouragement – I think he had an excited group queueing up for membership as I decided it was time to take the weight of my feet & head for The Rep for a nice relaxing pint – (well I had to get myself ready for the evening events laid on later!!)


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