nva – white bike plan @ Gi festival 2010 – here today gone tomorrow

In the closing moments of this years Gi festival you could have a hard task having a shot on one of the 50 white bikes nva released at the start of the festival, from the hub on 54 miller street.  Keep an eye out at venues and across the city. There are still several circulating about and a white bike is one of the must do things this year. The white bikes make a great means of getting about those hard to reach Gi venues. You get some exercise, burn some calories, save on bus/taxi fares and reduce your carbon imprint. Perhaps Glasgow could do with a year round white bike PUB, like those found in Holland and other cities around the world? Last few day left, to have a go. While they’re about. please do ride a white bike back to the hub today.

Jeremy Inglis April 2010